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You Can't Change The World

But,You Can Change How You Handle It

I help bright people, usually in their thirties or forties, who are working in a corporate, professional or entrepreneurial role and are dealing with an increased level of anxiety in their personal or professional lives.


Anxiety is my specialisation, and I have a high level of expertise in helping people take the steps they need to get unstuck and have the life they truly want to lead. I deeply understand London's international pulse, cultural vibrancy, and the emotional price it can demand from its people.

Are you suffering from Stress and Anxiety? Have you seen a GP who has prescribed anti-depressants that really haven’t helped that much? Have you come to the realisation that perhaps it is time to get some professional help? There is no doubt about it; life in London is extremely stressful. You may be dealing with difficult employment and relationship issues that can easily lead to anxiety. I offer modern and intelligent help to my clients. My goal is to help you set your goals and get your life in order.
There is a good chance that when you were a child, your parents, with the best intentions, told you something like this, perhaps when you were being bullied by some unkind kid at school. “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never harm you.”
Unfortunately, this well-meaning piece of advice is wrong. Words certainly do hurt us. Reflect for a moment on the harsh and hurtful words used in a recent relationship dispute at home. How about the negative words used in a performance review at work? What about the hurt and rejection you felt when you were turned down, or not asked out for a date with a person you rather fancied. The list is endless, the results are almost always the same, emotional pain.
But the words that hurt us the most, are the words that we speak to ourselves. We think in language and our minds can produce a never-ending stream of negative thoughts. Many of these thoughts take the form of, “I can’t,” “Something is wrong with me,” “No one likes me,” “I’ll never be able to do it,” “I’m stupid,” “I’m not attractive,” “I’ll never find another good job”,” “I’ll never get a promotion”, “I’m sure they will fire me first.”
One of the most important things in fighting and overcoming your anxiety is to understand that these negative thoughts are not facts; they are just opinions. They won’t go away completely, but you can learn to accept them for what they are and learn how to live with them, taking back control of your life by following a programme of positive action steps.

My coaching is focused on the future. We won't dwell on your past; just like driving a car, constantly looking in the rear-view mirror will not let you safely reach your destination. 

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