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My Approach to Coaching

My coaching style is not just about achieving results but about creating a warm and supportive environment for my clients. I believe that coaching is a secure place for clients to process options for their success. My partnership with clients towards positive change is a project and a journey that can be strategised, structured, and achieved. My in-depth knowledge of the corporate world and mental health arena allows me to coach leaders to the behaviouralor measurable results. Coaching expertise includes leadership style, organisational change needed, national culture development, cross-cultural management, change management, confidence, and motivation building.


Corporate Experience

I am a seasoned board-level executive with over 40 years of diverse international business experience, enabling me to coach executives and senior managers of varying cultural backgrounds. I bring 30 years of directorships and senior management posts in the entertainment and media industry in the USA, UK,Asia and Africa Latin America, . As Managing Director at British Movietonews in London, I led international sales, marketing, production, and the implementation of a complex digital transfer program. As Managing Director at 20th Century Fox in Kenya I managed the film distribution and exhibition business in Kenya and oversaw operations in Uganda, Zambia, and Tanzania. Prior to that, I also spent time as General Manager for Paramount Pictures at their San Juan, Puerto Rico base.

Career Change


In a career transition, I studied and became a psychotherapist through the Human Givens Institute and spent 12 years as a practising therapist. As a therapist, I worked with many international clients who brought different cultural norms but shared common hopes and aspirations. Later, I founded Barry Florin Coaching, a firm devoted to human development and growth.  I continue to coach leaders from different countries and cultures.


Qualifications & Accreditations


I have completed several business leadership programs, including the University of Oxford’s SAID School of Business Advanced Management and Leadership Program (UK), the Kellogg School of Management’s Leading High Impact Teams (USA), Stanford University’s Certified Project Manager (USA), and Cornell University’s Leading Customer Focused Teams (USA) as well CEIBS-Beijing’s Human Resources Management (China) and CEIBS-Shanghai’s Doing Business in China (China).


My training as a psychotherapist includes Harvard Medical School’s Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine (USA).

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