Thanks for stopping by and visiting my website. Hopefully you find that you have now taken the first positive step to help your teenager get unstuck from the quicksand of adolescence.

I believe that your son or daughter will find therapy with me to be a life-enhancing experience that will enable them to begin to have the kind of life you really want them to have.

Anxiety is one of the most common emotional ailments of our times. To place things in perspective it is safe to say that while everyday stressors, such as school, commuting, exams and peer group pressures are certainly related to anxiety; stress is only the “common cold” while anxiety is a nasty and debilitating case of “the flu.”

Anxiety can have a really negative impact on adolescents who are in the process of trying to begin to lead a full and productive life. It can impact their friendships, their studies and of course family relationships.

Teenagers like all of us can’t change the world, filled as it is with disappointments, heartaches and betrayals, but with compassionate help and guidance, they can learn to develop the skills needed to change the way they deal with the world.