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Frequently Selected Areas For Leadership Growth




      Communicate / listen better

       Decision making (incl. e.g. speed of decision making, including opinions of others in decision making)

      Be more assertive (including speaking up for own beliefs & opinions

      Manage conflict constructively, timely and effectively

      Influencing / persuasive


Developing Organizational Culture & Leaders


     Managing diversity

     Build cross-functional relationships

     Cross cultural management

     Stand up to people undermining teamwork

     Collaborate better with others (including being more respectful to others)

    Building trust with stakeholders

    Executive Presence


    Driving team / culture change

      Coaching & mentoring


Managing Performance


      Delegate effectively

      Empower direct reports

      Execution for results (incl. focus executing and resources on few critical business issues

      Strategic thinking

      Be more entrepreneurial

      Take calculated risks

      Hold others accountable for results

      Deal timely with performance problems

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